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  • E-mail service
    • Spam filtering - How it works?
      The junk mail filter (anti SPAM) is centrally managed by Microsoft and is based on assigning a score to messages based on more than 20,000 rules that represent and define the characteristics of spam and legitimate mail. If a message contains spam characteristics, points are added, if instead it scores as legitimate, points are subtracted. When the score reaches a set threshold, the message is marked as spam and added to the corresponding folder. More information about the scoring system   
    • Spam filtering - User's contribution
      Users can contribute to optimizing the spam filter (anti SPAM) by sending messages of false positives and false negatives to Microsoft, which will then analyse them according to its own timetable and method. A false negative is a spam message that has not been identified as such. A false positive is a legitimate e-mail misidentified as spam. More information on How to submit reports 
    • I have one mailbox as students and another one as T/A (or professor): what happen to my mailboxes?
      You'll have an unique mailbox, reached by messages sent to the address as student / graduate  ( and the messages sent to institutional address as TA   (...@
    • How to add, modify or delete the mailbox redirection?
      How to add, modify or delete the mailbox redirection? The e-mail service allows only a single redirect using Webmail (OWA). To set the redirection:
      1. Access the webmail
      2. click on "gear" icon on the top right
      3. select View all Outlook setting
      4. select Mail
      5. on the left menu, Account section, select Forward
    • Credentials: password
      Credentials Recovery
      Connect to the Online Services ( ) of Politecnico and use the Credentials Recovery procedure available on the authentication page.

      Change password
      To change the password connected to the Online Services ( and use the procedure on the authentication page.

      After you change the password
      Each time you change the University Online Services password, every configured device will require an upgrade. 
      Remember to enter as user name: (eg. followed by the new password.
    • Recover Deleted permanently
      Once moved to the trash and eliminated, the mails can still be recovered for the next 30 days. 
      Webmail: ​​click on the Deleted Items folder and click Recover Deleted Items 
      Outlook: select Folder from the top menu and then select the Recover Deleted Items option from the toolbar at the top.
    • Webmail - What is the direct address (URL)?
      To access directly  the webmail connect to:
    • Webmail - Error screen
      The problem may be related to the browser. 
      Follow the following tips: 
      • Update the browser to the latest version
      • Get rid of temporary internet files 
      • Try to use another browser
      Deleting temporary files, cookies, passwords: 
    • Webmail - Change language
      To change the webmail language in the you must: 
      1. Access webmail
      2. click on "gear" icon on the top right
      3. select View all Outlook setting
      4. from the menu on the left, General area, select Language and time
      5. select the language in the dropdown menu 
      6. You may want to flag the options Rename default folders so....
      7. Save 
      NOTE: This procedure changes the language of e-mail pages. If you want to change Storage pages also, refer to the instructions:
    • Webmail - Can I request a delivery or reading confirm?
      Yes, in the New messages window:
      1. press  "..." on the tools toolbar 
      2. select Show options..
      3. the type of feedback 

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