Politecnico generic parameters

Depending on the device you want to setup, you can choose between Exchange or  IMAP/POP3 connection.

The Exchange configuration is recommended, it offers more features such as synchronization of mail, contacts, calendar and tasks with your device.

Server information

Exchange/ActiveSync server name: outlook.office365.com

Ingoing server name (IMAP): outlook.office365.com
Port: 993
Encryption: SSL

Ingoing server name (POP): outlook.office365.com
Port: 995
Encryption: SSL

Outgoing server name  (SMTP): smtp.office365.com
Port: 587
Encryption: TLS (only for Thunderbird: STARTTLS)

Personal mailbox parameters

Email Address yourMain email address.  (Verify Main address)

User name / login: person code@polimi.it, for example: 12345678@polimi.it  

Password: The one associated to Person code

Functional mailbox parameters

email address: your Main address.  (check main address)

Exchange user name (only Outlook): person code@polimi.it, e.g. 12345678@polimi.it 

POP/IMAP user name : person code@polimi.it/IDcasella, e.g. 12345678@polimi.it/​Func123456 (contact the help desk to recovery the ID Casella)

SMTP user name: person code@polimi.it, e.g. 12345678(at)polimi.it

Password: The one associated to Person code 

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