Mailing lists

By  mailing list is meant a system able to automatically send an email message sent to the list's address (example to a set of users. 

Characteristics of the list

Public or limited:

  • Public: any user, also not registered, can write to the list address and get his message forwarded to all registered users.
  • Limited: only certain users can write to the list address. The most common limitation is when the group of senders coincides with the group of recipients. Further limitations can be achieved by defining a specific group of senders different from the recipients.

Free or moderated:

  • Free: the message sent to the list is automatically forwarded to registered users without any review filter
  • Moderated: the message sent to the list is submitted for review and approval before being forwarded to registered users

New mailing list request

Service available to Head of structure (or delegate):

  • Administration: Area Manager and Head of service
  • Department: Head of department and Administrative Manager
  • Territorial Campuses: Vice rector and and Administrative Manager

The Head of the structure, or delegate, must:

  1. consult the vocabulary page to propose a name compliant with the naming rules
  2. send the activation request via the Online form

How to administer a list

List administrators can manage configuration and registered users using the Mailing lists and functional mailboxes management application available under E-mail section on the Online Services Portal

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